Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have a passion for youth mental health and wellbeing? Are you interested in gaining leadership experience?

In Visibility is a University of Toronto club focused on empowering youth by providing resources, strategies, and tools, which emphasize control over their mental health. We believe that mental health issues should be at the forefront of everyone’s idea of well-being, paralleling the importance of physical health.

Joining our team will give you the chance to be involved in your passion and develop relevant experience in an open-minded group. As a volunteer, you will be given the opportunity to pursue two different avenues - one, leading engaging workshops for youth, and two, to help our executives with events. With either role, volunteers will be notified to sign up or register for upcoming events; this allows flexibility for our volunteers who have different availabilities to be a part of In Visibility.

Events Volunteer

Gain hands on experience with our executive team in organized events within campus. Some responsibilities include: 

  • Set-up and tabling
  • Overseeing event activities
  • Engaging in conversations about mental health 
  • Contribute your own ideas to events 

No experience necessary. No membership fees. Just your interest in promoting mental health and well-being! 

Workshop Volunteer

Become mental health advocates within the community by facilitating workshops on mental health and well-being. You will be required to complete a mandatory three-step training process, detailed below. 

This will be a great opportunity for you to build and exercise leadership skills; both in presenting our workshop materials with professionalism and by leading discussions with the workshop attendees in a sensitive, open manner. 


Note: Workshop volunteers are required to complete mandatory training, two of which we provide. 

The topic of Mental Health is a very sensitive one, so we're taking every step to make sure it's done correctly and safely.
For this reason, we need to make sure anyone running the workshops (Executive or General Member) fully internalizes the topic of Mental Health. Workshop facilitators are required to complete the following 3 steps, two of which we provide:

1) Complete the online module "MoreFeetOnTheGround" and send the certificate as proof of completion (please email us at internal.invisibility.uoft@gmail.com).
2) Attend a Training Session held by In Visibility Executives (fully trained).
3) Complete an "In Field Training" session by attending a workshop run by senior general members or In Visibility execs.

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